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investing in building a new home from the ground up, is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make. Instead of looking on the market for an existing home, build the dream home you’ve always wanted.

LAR Construction is here to educate you all about a new construction home. Instead, of tearing apart an existing home in its current condition, and remodeling, you can pick and choose exactly how you want everything to look, even in the small details. Our team of professional architects is here to help you get the job done. Using the highest caliber of materials, our contractors, designers and crew members are here to help create your vision and take care of all necessary permits.

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A personal mission...

With one of our twin daughters being diagnosed with Autism, we have decided to dedicate our lives to making her quality of life the best we can. It was this unique life-forming circumstance that led us to build LAR Construction and Remodeling from the ground up, with people's various lifestyles in mind.

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