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Is your roof old and deformed?

If your roof is old, deformed with missing shingles, it can lead to further significant damage to your roof and home. Waiting until a leaking roof to replace it will leave you in a financial hole. A roof replacement from LAR Construction can protect your family and home from the elements and improve your curb appeal.

We know how crucial it is having a good roof over your head. Our roofing experts can construct a new roof, redesign a new roof, replace, or reinstall missing shingles, tiles, and improve the overall quality and look of your roof.

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A personal mission...

With one of our twin daughters being diagnosed with Autism, we have decided to dedicate our lives to making her quality of life the best we can. It was this unique life-forming circumstance that led us to build LAR Construction and Remodeling from the ground up, with people's various lifestyles in mind.

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